Frequently Asked Questions

I found out my child has head lice right before bedtime. What do I do?!

Don’t panic. Lice can only live on the human head and die within 24 hours without human hair. Wash your child’s hair, leave out any styling products, brush/comb it and tie it back to prevent tangles. Put fresh sheets on their bed and set the old sheets aside. You can schedule a head check online or call us at 651-731-9957 in the morning.


How did my child get head lice?

From another childHead lice are spread through extended direct contact with someone else’s hair. Head lice are not spread on clothing, pets or pillows. The most common ways that head lice are spread are through hugs, roughhousing, sleepovers, and even taking photos.

Can my pets get or spread head lice?

Nope! Just like you can’t get their fleas. The head lice that live on human hair cannot survive on dogs, cats, or other animals, so there’s no need to treat your pet.

Can’t I use an over-the-counter treatment for head lice?

Not really. Over-the-counter treatments are much less effective than they used to be, and still just as harmful for your child. Just like antibiotic-resistant bacteria, head lice have developed resistances to pesticides used in chemical treatments. Those same pesticides can also be dangerous to apply, easily cause scalp burns and are known carcinogens.

These known side effects, combined with decreasing effectiveness, are why Lice Champs only uses a pesticide-free, 100% effective strand-by-strand removal process.

How can I get ready for my appointment?

In four simple steps:

  • Arrive with freshly washed hair
  • Fill out New Client Forms ahead of time
  • Eat beforehand or bring snacks
  • Bring entertainment

Read more about appointment prep >>

Someone at home has head lice. Should I fumigate my house?

Absolutely not! Lice only spread with direct hair-to-hair contact and blankets, pillows and carpets can’t support their life. The most we’ll suggest is washing bedsheets and clothing fresh after an appointments.

Do I need to shave my daughter’s head?

No! Leave your child’s beautiful hair on their head! We specialize in no-cut, pesticide-free lice removal. After our treatment, your child will be able to return to school without a telling haircut.

How do I minimize the chance of my family getting lice (again)?

By stopping the cycle. Kids get lice from other kids and their families, and although it might be embarrassing to admit, you should let other parents know that lice are going around so they can have their families checked. This stops lice from spreading back to your child and saves you repeat trips to our clinic. Less time, less money and less stress.

We also suggest checking your family at home about once a week. Families receive a free Terminator Comb with each head check, and it only takes a few minutes per person to check for lice. Catching lice early is key to stopping the spread.

Lastly, we suggest keeping long hair pulled back when your children will be in contact with other kids, especially if there has been a recent bout of lice in their class or school.